We love cashmere

How we create the best quality knitwear.
1. Passion

It all starts with passion for creating beautiful products. We own our goat farms to ensure we have control over the raw fibres being used to make our yarn.

3. Hand Brushing

Cashmere comes from the hairs found on the belly of a cashmere goat. We hand brush our goats to ensure that we get the finest belly hairs in the kindest possible way.

5. Combing

The raw fibre is then combed up to 7 times. However it is the first comb which produces the finest and longest fibres that we use in all our cashmere products.

7. Spining

This is the process where our fibres are spun into yarn. We use a method called 'worsted spinning'. It produces a finer more luxurious yarn than traditional woolen spinning.

9. Washing

Once we have knitted our style we give them one final wash to ensure they are as soft and clean as possible.

2. Goat Farms

Our cashmere goats live on the plains of Inner Mongolia and are the source of all our cashmere products. They graze year round in nature and produce a fine downy undercoat that we harvest to produce our yarns.

4. Hand Washing

To remove natural oils and dirt we then hand wash the fibres we have collected.

6. Dyeing

To produce colours we use a technique called top dyeing. This means the fibre is dyed before it's spun into yarn. To create our more vivid colours, our yarn is dyed after it has been spun.

8. Knitting

Next we take our dyed yarn and knit it into beautiful styles. Depending on the piece we're creating we either hand knit, machine knit or flatbed knit the panels.

10. Ironing

Finally, the clothing is ironed so it is smooth and crease free - ready to be sent to you.